The Molly’s Tradition

dishAs a young girl growing up in San Antonio, Texas, Molly Sedlmeier was taught the tradition of tamale making by her grandmother, Cesaria Olivan. Tamales were made particularly for special occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings and Christmas. The traditional beef and pork tamales were too spicy for the younger children to enjoy and Molly wanted to create tamales that the whole family could enjoy.

But Molly didn't want to stop there. Why not create a variety of tamales that would not only be flavorful, colorful and enjoyable, but healthier than the traditional tamale? Molly did just that, using other oils rather than the common lard or shortening. By doing this, Molly's Tamales are not only low in fats (saturated and trans) but also low in sodium and the tamales are moist. 

Then, Molly kicked it up a notch by creating over eighteen varieties from traditional (beef, pork and chicken) to gourmet (wild sockeye salmon) and a variety of vegetarian and vegan. Along with sweet tamales (strawberry, pineapple and roxy road (chocolate and marshmellows)). Molly takes pride in knowing that she has created tamales that would forever change the way people perceived tamales.


We are proud of our tamales… just like Abuelita made!